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Ductless Repair Services in Portland Keep Your Investment Running Smooth

For those homes that do not have traditional heating and air conditioning options, homeowners often choose other options. Some choices, such as baseboard heaters, space heaters, and window air units, leave much to be desired.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers find their wallets are a little thin, and their comfort level could be better.

Many decide on an energy-efficient ductless heat pump to meet their needs for comfortable temperatures that won’t break the bank. Every good system will sometimes need to be revised. When that happens, you want to call in a team of experts for ductless repair work.

Luka Ductless can service and install all major brands of ductless heat pump mini-split systems, including Daikin, RUUD, and Mitsubishi. We can even install customer-supplied equipment.

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For all the latest Daikin Ductless Heating & Cooling Solutions, Contact Us Today!

Call Luka-n-Son’s Ductless Heating & Cooling, Oregon’s Ductless Experts, today at (503)381-5396 for zoned heating and cooling systems.

We serve customers in Portland, Tigard, Beaverton, Clackamas, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Milwaukie, Gresham, Tualatin, Sherwood, King City, and the surrounding cities in Oregon.

Contact us today at (503)381-5396 for all your heating and air conditioning requirements!

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How to Know When to Call for Ductless Heat Pump Repair

Your ductless system is built to last for years. However, if you notice any of these signs, give us a call:

  1. You notice ice buildup. These units will experience some ice buildup throughout the seasons. Most of the time, it isn’t anything to worry about. However, too much ice prevents vital moving parts from functioning as they should, resulting in your ductless unit working much harder.
  2. You feel cold air coming out when in heat mode. When you want warmth, you expect warm air from your ductless system. If only cold air is pushed through while in heat mode, you may have more significant problems. For example, your unit may have valves not working correctly or an issue with the refrigerant or compressor.
  3. Your unit rarely shuts off. Ductless heat pump systems should regularly cycle on and off when your home’s temperature is two or more degrees off from the thermostat. Any time it fails to cycle off, call your dependable ductless experts.
  4. You smell a burnt odor. These noxious smells may indicate a potential fire hazard in the wiring. If you smell this type of scent, unplug the unit or turn off the breaker and call a technician immediately.
  5. You find water leaking from the indoor unit. Your energy-efficient system is closed, meaning circulating water should remain inside its casing. If you see puddles on the floor or drips from the unit itself, call an experienced technician immediately.

Which System is Right for Me, Split or Multi-Split Heating & Cooling?

Split System

  • It provides unmatched performance to single-zone spaces at an efficient and affordable price.
  • It is an excellent solution for one-room additions or hard-to-cool areas.
  • It easily connects to an outdoor unit.
  • No obtrusive ductwork; it installs quickly and out of the way, making it perfect for multi-family dwellings or tighter apartments.

Multi-Split System

  • Equipped for multiple units of different capacities to allow for custom heating and cooling capabilities, perfect for multi-residential units.
  • Capacity to connect up to nine indoor units to one single outdoor unit.
  • Allows for individual room temperature control.
  • Easy to install with no need for ductwork.
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For Quality heating and cooling installation, maintenance or repair, contact LUKA-N-SON’S DUCTLESS HEATING & COOLING, Oregon’s Ductless Experts, online or call today: (503)381-5396

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