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Baseboard Heaters

Benefits of Replacing Your Old Baseboard Heaters

If you’re a commercial property owner, keeping costs down is likely at the front of your mind. It might be surprising, but one of the ways to save on energy and maintenance costs is by upgrading your outdated heating and cooling appliances, like those old baseboard heaters. At Luka-N-Son’s Ductless, we understand upgrading your old heating appliances can be an investment, so we wanted to share some of the advantages of our Daikin AURORA wall heater as q replacement.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to inspire you to upgrade your old baseboard heaters ASAP!

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Why Upgrading Your Old Baseboard Heaters is a Must?

Older baseboard heaters can be a hassle for home or apartment owners because of the space they take up, especially in living rooms and bedrooms where you want to capitalize on furniture space. Additionally, some tenants may choose to place furniture in front of them, zapping their efficiency and even creating a fire hazard. Lastly, since these heaters create heat via convection, if the airflow is an issue, it takes much longer to heat space than other alternatives.

Benefits of Daikin AURORA Wall Heater as a Replacement

As one of today’s leading ductless heating manufacturers, Daikin offers equipment that provides several benefits for tenants. They create more space and help heat areas quicker because they employ a fan to push the heat throughout rooms. Additionally, modern electronic thermostats enable tenants to easily control the heat levels from room to room.

Although some might balk at the installation costs, Daikin AURORA wall heater as a replacement can provide a relatively quick return on investment. This is because they’ll outpace those inefficient, outdated baseboard heaters, reducing the need for maintenance and lowering your electricity bills. They’re also much more comfortable and stylish for tenants, who will appreciate a more modern heating solution.

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There are three main usage cases where ductless heat pumps work best:

1. Adding rooms

If you’re adding rooms to your home and don’t want to add the expense of hooking them into your existing HVAC system, mini heat pumps are an excellent alternative for climate control.

2. Replacing older systems

Many older climate control types – such as baseboard systems, window units, or wood stoves – are outclassed by mini-split heating and cooling systems. You’ll see better performance, at lower prices, with less mess.

3. New Construction

New homes are perfect for split mini-systems, as they can be built to take maximum advantage of these unique air conditioning devices.

Luka-N-Son’s Ductless Offers the Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Systems

At Luka-N-Son”s Ductless, we proudly serve the greater Portland, OR, area with the best alternative home AC solutions. Contact us to learn more!

Which System is Right for Me, Split or Multi-Split Heating & Cooling?

Split System

  • It provides unmatched performance to single-zone spaces at an efficient and affordable price.
  • It is an excellent solution for one-room additions or hard-to-cool areas.
  • It easily connects to an outdoor unit.
  • No obtrusive ductwork; it installs quickly and out of the way, making it perfect for multi-family dwellings or tighter apartments.

Multi-Split System

  • Equipped for multiple units of different capacities to allow for custom heating and cooling capabilities, perfect for multi-residential units.
  • Capacity to connect up to nine indoor units to one single outdoor unit.
  • Allows for individual room temperature control.
  • Easy to install with no need for ductwork.
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